Common questions

How do I acquire equipment?                                                              

  1. Your main means is to fight bosses, including guild, field, world, and other bosses.
  2. Treasure hunt.
  3. You can exchange treasure points for equipment, or trade with other Guild players.
  4. You can strike out low-level equipment in auto mode from monsters or from elite in the House of Bosses (elite bosses drop Level 50 equipment).


How do I acquire holy equipment?

You can start crafting the holy equipment after a definite level.


How do I refine my equipment?

Spend the required number of points in the Treasure section – «Exchange points for equipment» to refine the relevant equipment.


How do I acquire weapons?

  1. Weapons in the game are hard to find. Although a boss can drop them, a chance for this drop is rather thin.
  2. One of the most efficient methods is to perform daily quests, thus obtaining activity and exchanging it for treasure points which you can later exchange for weapons.
  3. You can also battle with world bosses with higher chance of dropping weapons and clothing.


What are the advanced settings?

By acquiring equipment with high regeneration level you obtain certain chance for enhancing a random parameter, that will allow you to increase your parameters even more.


How do I acquire rapid level-up?

  1. Complete daily dungeons, protect Mansion, perform quests and escort: you can receive loads of experience! By completing these quests up to lvl 90 you can level-up at least 2-3 levels at once.
  2. Activate auto mode. Switch on a bot by taking level x3 essence.
  3. VIP-users can switch on a bot from midnight till 6AM, so their experience can double like this!
  4. Dismantle low-level equipment.


How do I upgrade my Combat Power?

  1. Arrive at the spawn location before bosses to defeat more of them.
  2. Farm resources in mines picking them up from crystals.
  3. Use your bot more often!
  4. Join a nice guild at the soonest.
  5. Purchase different gifts with discount.


How do I level up my attack?

  1. Refine Mount.
  2. Encrust gems.
  3. Reinforce equipment (Attack power will increase with reinforcement of all equipment).
  4. Increase training level of Mount.


How do I upgrade my defense fast?

  1. Refine Dragon Wings (they provide maximum protection).
  2. Encrust gems.
  3. Reinforce equipment.
  4. Refine Dragon Scale.


How do I increase my HP fast?

  1. Level-up (Lvl 100 and higher provides huge increase in health).
  2. Encrust gems.
  3. Refine Dragon Cores.
  4. Refine charms.
  5. Refine Abyss equipment.


How do I increase the Dragon Blood level fast?

  1. You can acquire Dragon Blood for balance recharge.
  2. You can also obtain it for defeating a great number of monsters.



How do I increase Critical Strike Chance fast?

  1. Refine Dragon Pearl.
  2. Reinforce equipment.
  3. Encrust gems.


How do I upgrade Evasion skill fast?

  1. Increase training level of Dragon Wings.
  2. Refine Dragon Ring.
  3. Raise the title.


How do I increase inflicted damage fast?

  1. Increase training level of Mount.
  2. Refine Dragon Ring.
  3. Raise the title.


How do I defend myself from damage?

By upgrading Damage you can increase the final damage and enhance reflect damage. E.g.:  you can initially deliver 10,000 damage, but with 20% increase the damage value would be 12,000.


How does Luck work?

  1. With Luck points you can increase a chance of the maximum attack. 1 unit – 10%, 10 units – 100% chance of the maximum attack. Meaning, every strike will be inflicted with the maximum strike power, which will allow you to cause the maximum damage.
  2. You can gain Luck points with Prayer Potion.


How can I recharge balance with profit?

  1. It is recommended to top up the balance for a certain daily recharge amount.
  2. Rewards of every type are summed up for the daily balance recharge. For example, for 1000 Gold recharge you can receive reward for 1000, 500, and 10 Gold recharge.


How can I use the Rebirth Pill more efficiently?

  1. To gain Practice Points required for rebirth, you have to lower the level. In case you doubt whether you should lower the level, continue reading.
  2. In case you are more interested in parameters and equipment, you should initiate rebirth at the soonest, as with level-up only increases HP, and you do not have much of it at first.
  3. If you are not happy about your parameters after rebirth or you have not yet received better equipment with the rebirth level, you are not recommended to reborn again, as levelling-up will also increase experience for daily experience dungeons, quests, etc. Better initiate rebirth after gaining better equipment.



How do I become a VIP?

  1. You can activate VIP status right after you recharge your balance with 100 Gold.
  2. VIP level is raised right after the balance recharge. With higher level you gain more privileges.


What advances do I gain with VIP status?

  1. VIPs get the buff relevant to their VIP level.
  2. Unlimited amount of teleportation.
  3. Access to VIP Sanctity.
  4. You can obtain Dragon Blood offline.
  5. 6-fold experience increase offline.
  6. Enhanced healing.


What are the best ways to spend Gold?

  1. Various presents: Server Launch present, Rebirth present, United servers present, Limited wings for Mount, etc.
  2. Treasure Hunt.
  3. Refine Mount and Dragon Wings.
  4. Refine Dragon Pearls, Mount training, etc.


How do I survive without paying in?

  1. Fight bosses with all you have.
  2. Run for life!
  3. Level-up in auto-mode.
  4. Hurry to the battles with bosses and level-up in auto-mode!



How do I battle in PvP Mode for free?

  1. If your power is lower than your opponent's, you should avoid a fight. In a group fight you can use Dragon Flame.
  2. If mages cannot win, they have to retreat!
  3. Archers should use venom-laced arrows more often.


What are the free daily bonuses?

  1. Remember to arrive at the spawn location before bosses.
  2. Farm more in mines, you can obtain a lot of materials with crystals.
  3. Use your bot more often.


How do I play, if I lack resources?

  1. You can certainly continue the game. The Game will provide you with Guild Bosses, ore materials, daily resource dungeons, and plenty other means to acquire resources and equipment.
  2. You can also fight bosses together with other players, and with a sudden drop of better equipment you will become one step closer to winning over moneybags.


Which class suits a free player better?

  1. Warrior is not a recommended choice.
  2. Mage is the preferred class for players that use auto-mode.
  3. Archer suits better players devoted to PvP.




PvP combat techniques for Warriors

Warriors are the best tanking class. PvP often leads to immediate death, which is why you have to concentrate on Eruption by calculating considerable damage that can be inflicted onto a foe with one hit. You have to also possess good speed and shall not let your opponent dodge Dragon Flame.


PvP combat techniques for Mages

Mages possess quite simple combat techniques that allows them to immediately eliminate negative impact, while Flame hit inflicts lasting damage, the reason to lure a foe into the heart of roaring flames and keep the distance.   


PvP combat techniques for Archers

During PvP Archers commonly use their class skills. Their forte is dodging and armor piercing, for this reason they allow a foe to approach to use armor piercing and dodging right after. After the dodging is over, use Knockback to increase distance. Archer require the Kite technique.


How can archers defeat warriors?

  1. Venom-laced arrows, Limits Disperse, companion – you should use it all to have a chance. Mind that venom effect of venom-laced arrows can multiply, which allows a lasting intoxication of a foe.
  2. When archers fight warriors, they shouldn't use Knockback arrows haphazardly. Knock back warriors only when they approach at the closest distance.
  3. Flare Vanishing. Pick the right timing during the battle, when a warrior uses Dragon Flame, and use Flare Vanishing which will bring you half-way to your victory.


Can a free player practice PvP efficiently?

Dueling with other players of the similar level, rely onto your game class specifics and skills. E.g., archers shall only dodge Dragon Flame used by warriors with Flare Vanishing to defeat them!


How do I slay a dragon?

  1. Discuss with other guild players the counter measures at the attack, gather as many fighters as you can an proceed with battling your foe.
  2. Furthermore, the key point of Dragon City is the banner. At times you can capture a banner by simply stealing it.


How do I battle world bosses?

During a battle with a world boss assemble your team thoughtfully. You might also need to kill members of other Guilds 5 times in a row to prevent their access into the boss' location. And gather the loot after the boss is defeated, of course.


Which tactics do I use during the Winterly Ridge Fortress quest?

In Winterly Ridge Fortress you will require clever team matching. Capturing the banner will provide you points and materials. Meanwhile, you might also capture other means of resources using unpreparedness of other players.


Revenge (reckoning) for murder

After you were murdered, you will notice a new Enemies section on the panel, where you can look up the info on the hateful enemies of yours. You can also spend Gold to locate your enemies.


How do I use a promo code?

  1. Rise to Lvl 45 to use a promo code.
  2. After reaching Lvl 45 you will see Privileges icon in the top right corner.
  3. Find Presents button in the opened menu and click/tap it. Enter your pormo code into the box and click/tap Exchange.
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