Marriage System

Unlock Level: unlock Lv. 36

Click on the Marriage icon below to open the interface Players who have achieved this level can propose marriage to the opposite gender.

If the proposal is successful a wedding ceremony can take place. After the ceremony, husband and wife can foster wedding ring, intimacy and can participate in Venus Blessing, hold a CS party.

The marriage can be rescinded at any time by going to the priest.



Proposal: players have to make a marriage proposal, after the ceremony they are married, after the marriage they can hold a wedding party every day and a Cross Server Party Auction, and they can invite all the player to take part in their luxurious CS party.

In the wedding page click on the “propose” button to open the page, the proposal can only be forwarded to a single friend of the opposite gender, Lv ≥36. The proposal can be made in two ways: in a private or in a public way. If you propose in a public way, your romantic proposal and special effect you use will be visible to everyone.


Wedding: If the proposal is successful the players can send wedding invitation to friends and family to inform them of the wedding time. When a newlywed couple attend the event, they have to make their promises in front of a priest, and then they can hold a wedding ceremony; during this ceremony they can provide dessert, champagne, fireworks and they can also decide to hold a luxurious wedding party allowing the Imperial guards to come and bless the newlyweds.




Wedding Ring: After the marriage you can foster the wedding ring, there are 3 wedding rings qualities, the higher the quality, the higher the fostering factor, the higher the Stat you will get; To foster the wedding ring you need to use the wedding stones.



Intimacy: The players can increase the intimacy level by unlocking a party, the intimacy level fosters intimacy. The higher the Lv of Intimacy, the higher the stats they can get; when the intimacy reaches the required Lv., you can also get special Wedding title.



Party: Every party, every day and for every new person can be opened only once, after the party has started, it doesn’t matter if the new people are online or not, after they will all get a party reward by mail. When the party starts, every player can bring a congratulation gift.

After holding a party, the husband and the wife will get intimacy Lv. During the Party, the newlyweds and the other players can give each other gifts.


CS Party: Every day in a designed hour, the server will be opened for a total number of ≥8 times, the players can participate in the CS party, and the highest bidder will get the authority. The party can be attended by players with a rank ≥40. During the marriage, if the couple has a more than 3 CS Party, they can get the title of Royal Husband and wife.

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