Knight Arena

Unlock Level: unlock Lv. 27

Click, on the interface, the Knight Arena Icon to open the game window.

Game Rules: The players can challenge NPC in the game itself, every day the players have 15 Knights arena challenge attempts and every one can daily buy extra 20 attempts, using either Devil Crystals or Rubies, the more attempts you buy, the more of those you will consume; the player and NPC can click on their own Avatar to refurbish.

Every challenge has 15 minutes CD, if you have a monthly card, you can avoid the CD; Every time you challenge Knight Arena, according to the outcome situation (if you win or lose) you can get skills point and a golden reward. Once you got the requested amount of points, you can receive a points reward which will be available every day at 24.

If you win a challenge, your rank will rise, if you lose, your rank will decline and you will be listed below all the successful players. Moreover, every day at 22 according to the current players ranking, the Arena ranking and the players ranking, a ranking reward will be sent by mail.

The first player listed in the ranking arena can also win a special Title.

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