Total War

Unlock Level: unlock Lv. 65

Open hours: Every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 20:00 to 20:30, players Lv ≥ 65 can take part in the event.

Event Rules:

After the player enters the event, the system will automatically award a bonus to the blue faction.

In the battlefield there are 5 flags, which will be randomly assigned to a player to hold, and thus this flag will become the flag of the team, and every 30 seconds the players online can increase the team points, if no one is guarding the flag, this can be stolen by another team.

After an activity or in case of victory of one of the teams the team will score 1600 points or more, the team with more points wins. There is a fixed reward for the team that won or that lost.

When in a battlefield you kill a player you can get his/her points, according to the number of players killed and the score you collect, you can increase your rank; at the end of the activity the first 200 names in the rank list will get a ranking reward by mail.


Exploit Shop: in a decisive battle the players can win great token. In the Exploit Shop those tokens can be replaced with other commodities or can be exchanged for an event mount.

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