Costume System

Foster: Unlocked at Lv 45

Click on the icon costume, on the top of the window to have access to the costume system page. Consuming the Fostering Item Costume Fostering Stone will result in increasing the Costume starts. All the costume in total have one fostering start


Closet: Will be unlocked at Lv. 45

After activating the costume you get a Title Stat, The superfluous costume can be exchanged for EXP to increase Closet Lv. and raise Title Stat percentage. The costume can be saved in the Avatar clothing, when changing player will be shown.



Set: Will be unlocked at Lv. 45

To collect special costume components, extra Set Stat can be activated.



Evolution: Will be unlocked at Lv. 50

Every costume can be evolved to the maximum quality. Higher quality equals higher Stat.



Enchant: Will be unlocked at Lv. 52

Enchanting items can increase Enchant Lv., The higher the enchanting, the higher the stat of the fostering costume, every enchanting stone can increase the enchanting stat by the 0.8%.



Fostering, Evolution, Enchanting Stat for pve stats (PVE and PVP all are affected), closet and set stat for pvp stat (will only affect PVP)

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