Dragon Knight Trial

Unlock Level: unlock Lv. 39

Click on the Single Dungeon icon on the “Dragon Knight Trial” page to access the game.

Game Rules: The players have to choose among the NPC trial, click on challenge and enter the fight.

When the players fight for the first time, they start from the first stage, after passing the stage challenge BOSS can access the next stage, every stage can be cleared once a day. Every four stages there are 3 guardians and one stage treasure. Defeat the 3 guardians an challenge the stage treasure to win the reward

Every stage can be challenged once a day, if the challenge is successful, the second day at 24:00 it will be reset and the reward will be available. Every stage has a limited number of attempts, VIP with a higher Lv can buy more attempts.


Stage reward: Clear reward and Blitz reward are not the same. Clear reward is when a player after winning a challenge for the first time gets a reward, Blitz reward is when the next day the stage progress is refreshed and the player can Blitz his reward.

Leader-board: On the stage page on the right there is a Leader-board, it will record within a specific area the clear stage attempts of the highest ranking players.

Damage Bonus BUFF: When in the server the players clear an indicated stage, the server gives a Dragon Trial Damage Bonus BUFF which significantly increases the Damage on the other players.

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