Divination System

Unlock Level: unlock Lv. 50

Click on the divination icon on the bottom of the page to open the interface.

Game Rules: every heroes can add 7 different soul stats, for the same kind of soul stat only one set is available.  Soul Stats are: ATK, DEF, HP, CRT, Resist, BLK, Break BLK, etc.

Souls have the following levels: Gears, that are divided as follow: white, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow, red. Ranks range from 1 to 10

The players can advance to high Lv. Divination, super- divination, auto- divination and in the soul shop they can get souls reward. The super-divination can automatically divine for 300 times.


Absorb: The souls can absorb each others, this process makes them gain more experience, the highest EXP Lv. reachable is LV. 10


Disenchant and Redeem: if you get unwanted purple souls, they can be disenchanted. After disenchanting a soul you will get soul power, that in the souls shop, can be redeemed with other souls.




Soul Enchanting: Every Divination Enchanting stone can increase purple/golden soul stat of 0,8%, and 1% for orange/red souls.

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