Beast Challenge

Unlock Level: unlock Lv 50.

Click on the Team Dungeon icon in the “Beast BOSS” page to access the game.

Game Rules: All the players that are in the guild when the beast is defeated will gain 5 attempts, and can challenge the BOSS beast;

After clicking on the challenge beast button the players can enter the place; the players have to team up to challenge the beast BOSS, the team must consist at least of 2 members.

Every day the players have 2 challenge attempts, if they win the battle, one of the attempt will be deducted and they will receive a reward, if they lose the battle no attempt will be deducted; when the attempts are over, the players can still challenge, but even if they win the battle there will be no reward, those attempts cannot be bought.

The difficulty of Challenge BOSS, the reward and the guild determine the rank of the beast that will be summoned that day, the higher the beast level, the harder the BOSS, the richer the reward; the BOSS will be resuscitated in the game scene and the difficulty of the resuscitated boss will be related to the LV of the guild and the beast.

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