Dungeon System

Unlock Level: unlock Lv. 28

Click on the Single Dungeon icon to access the game rule page and sign in.

Game Rule:

Every Single Dungeon has 3 monster waves, 2 little monster waves and 1 BOSS, according to the number of monsters a player kills in a round, he/she will get a certain amount of stars, If he/she gets between 1-3 stars he/she will get 3 chances to turn over cards, golden, sets, advanced set material, heroes advanced material and other items.

Dungeons have section and checkpoint limitations, according to the characters grade they will be gradually open, every day Dungeons and Single Dungeons have a limited number of attempts, for VIPs the limit is higher, every day they can buy more attempts than dungeons

When dungeons have cleared the whole chapter and all stages of this chapter with 3-Stars ratings, they can get a gems box reward.

Dungeon interface


After Entering dungeon, on the dungeon map click on the monster to enter the battle, or you can click on the button automatic search for a monster to join the battle.

Dungeon map

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