Goblin Treasure

Unlock Level: unlock Lv. 31 function

From the “Goblin Treasure” home page enter the game interface.

Game Rules: To dig the treasure you need a Treasure Shovel, every day the players can get 15 Treasure Shovels for free. Every time you dig a treasure, 3 sites of Buried Treasure will automatically appear on the map; if you click on the treasure hunt you will open the Buried treasure.

Every day you can get 1 lucky treasure hunt, you can use this either on the current 3 buried treasure sites or to re-spawn 3 additional buried treasure sites.

For the treasure hunt and the lucky treasure dig you can buy daily limit attempts, VIPs can buy much more attempts.

Guide: On the left side of the guide panel are displayed different Treasure Dig routes and the correspondent keys number, on the buried treasure map chose one “Dig treasure” place to launch it and refresh the page, if the player can indicate the dig treasure path then he will get the gold key as a reward.

Lucky Wheel: The gold key can be on the right side of the Lucky wheel reward, to gain a Mount Fostering Stone, the player needs a high Lv, and he can also get a higher Lv of fostering materials.


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