Formation System

Unlock Level: unlock Lv. 14

Click on the formation icon and you will access the home page. Players can select among options to use heroes to foster the formation (Goddess cannot be used in the formation), to assist the character in the fight, to get rid of the character, in total in the battle there can be 1 ATK Hero + 1 DEF Hero+ 1 SUP hero +1 Goddess

To go in the battle, heroes must have reached the required Lv of Prestige.


Assist System: Unlocked at Lv. 40

When a character reaches the required Prestige Lv, he can choose among assist options an Assisting hero, for every stars you have you can choose 3 assisting heroes, according to their quality, the heroes who will fight will increase Assist property.

A hero who is already assisting or heroes who are too similar cannot go in the battle again.

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