Guild System

Players who reach Lv. 32 can decide to join a faction: Horde VS Alliance


After Joining a faction, players can choose the guild faction to join or create their own guild faction.



Guild Home page

Demon Temple: Players can stay at Demon Temple and challenge powerful BOSS, Guild member player have to clear the scene and challenge other guild members team to get a powerful Buff Bonus, if they hit the Boss easily they will get a rich reward.



Guild Treasure Hunt: Random Guild member who today has accumulated a certain amount of Rubies, can open the indicated treasure Chest, at the same time the other guild members can conduct a treasure hunt and win the reward inside the chest.


Achievement Chest: According to the guild Building rank and the history of the players contribution, the players can win the Achievement chest.



Guild Building: All the guild members that participate in the guild event, can win guild resources, the Guild Master and the Vice who consume the resources can increase guild building resources to help the guild to get more skills.

Meeting Hall: Promoting Meeting Hall will increase the Guild rank.

Tavern: the number of guild member that can be accommodated in the tavern can increase.

Bestiary: Increasing Beast altar Lv, will increase Beast Lv.

Treasure Shop: Increasing Treasure Exchange Lv. will increase the variety of items exchanged.

Library: increasing the Library Lv. will increase the Lv of Guild Skills.


Guild Beast

When The guild bestiary reaches the required Lv, can immediately activate the corresponded Lv for the guild Beast.

The guild member can feed the Beasts, every day each person can feed the beast only once.

When the Beast has fully grown it can stay at the Guild Base, the members can proceed to get a challenge reward



Guild Skill.

When the Guild Library reaches a certain Lv., immediately, the Technical Skills, will be uploaded on the corresponded Lv.

Studying a skill to use in the battle can result in Heroes getting a Stats Bonus, a skill will be overdue after 7 days. To be active again you need to use the requested material.


Guild Shop:

When The Guild Treasure Shop reaches the required Lv, the Treasure Exchange will activate the required variety of items. Higher Lv of the Exchange equals higher number of products.

If the members win the Beast challenge, they can get according to the situation some special product.

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