Glory of Kings

Unlock Level: unlock Lv. 30

Open hours: Every day from 21:09 to 21:45, the server World Lv has reached 45, according to the rules, all the players who reached LV. 30 can participate using the event interface


After the players enter the scene, according to their ranking they are divided in different groups: Burning Sun and Dark Moon; Only one player for each group can enter the PVP Battle.

Glory of Kings - Dark Moon:


Glory of Kings - Burning Sun:

Half an hour before the event stars (21:10 to 21: 30) in order to participate in the PVP event, players have to kill enemies from the other group, players with different BP get different reward. Players who kill more players can get a Multiple Kill, more killing equals more points.


During the last half of the event (21:30- 21:45) in order to divide the ones from each faction who took part in the PVE, every faction has to Play 6 BOSS. By giving a “Like” to the Knight Leaderboard, every players increase the TK bonus, every player who kills a BOSS can get points, the first player to kill a BOSS, will raise the Damage BUFF of his faction.


During the Event PVP battle by using automatic battle, the players can decide to skip battle, During the PVE game and after the fight, the players with the same HP, if they log out of the scene, lose the Multiple killing.

During the event PVE battle, player can choose to fight.

At the end of the event, according to the players point a reward will be sent to their mail.

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