Daily BOSS

Unlock Level: unlock Lv. 39

Click on the Team Dungeon icon in the “Daily BOSS” page, to access the game.

Game Rules:

Every day at 24:00 3 BOSS will be resurrected, higher Lv can challenge Higher Lv. BOSS and get more golden coin.

Every challenge consumes one Challenge Tokens, everyone has one chance per day to challenge the BOSS, and it may happen that the BOSS uses a player to replace himself in the challenge.

The player in the World, can use the assisting soldiers on the Guild Channel. They can assist When the player has challenged the BOSS; In fact, players do not have to personally go in the battle, but they can chose a replacement. After all the BOSS challenges are won, the list of the assisting soldiers will disappear, if instead the players lose the challenge, can still choose a replacement from the list of the assisting soldiers.

The players can also assist others in the BOSS challenge, every day they can assist others 3 times to get an attempts reward; when the assisting attempts are over, they can keep assisting the others but they will not get any reward; After all the challenges have been won, both the players and the assisting players (assisting soldiers) will get the correspondent reward; if the players Lv is different then also the challenge and the assisting rewards will be different.

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