The interface

Attention! In this game you'll find several buttons. Master them, to become a successful leader!

Ratbucks, Cheese and Souls

Ratbucks are the ingame currency. You can buy Ratbucks, but you will also get some free ratbucks as a reward in game. Cheese is more important. You need it to grow your rats. You can steal it from other rat leaders, but you will also get some cheese for free. If you knockout enemy rats, you can collect their souls. If the soul counter is fully charged, you will get a brand-new baby rat!

2. Power Level

The number with the crown up in the left symbolizes your current Power Level. Level up your rats and increase your rat gang to make progress.

3. Enemy Rats

See the rat faces to the left and right? They symbolize enemy hideouts. The bigger the head, the more powerful the enemy! Click on the faces to visit hideouts. You can steal cheese and knockout enemy rats there. If you are in an enemy hideout and want to get back home, click on the green arrow down on the right. Grey faces symbolize regular enemies, red faces symbolize enemies that already looted you and blue faces symbolize neighbor rat hideouts.

If you have been very busy looting your enemies and there are no more rat faces to click on, simply wait or click on the plus symbol to buy new hideouts to visit with ratbucks. You can buy ratbucks, but you will also get them for free in game.

4. Extra Rat
See the purple extra rat down to the left? You can get it if you invite a new player to The Rats Online! Click on the button to do so!

5. Main Menu

You can adjust the music and the effects and switch to fullscreen mode via main menu. There are also some more buttons:

Here you see a list of attackers. Click on "Revenge" to attack them too!

There are two buttons in the shop menu: Costumes and Constructions. Upgrade your hideout with constructions and equip your rats with costumes to upgrade their abilites!

Here you'll find presents from your friends. Gift them in return!

Your competitors / friends. Invite and help new friends!

The great rat contest! Make big points and get big rewards: cheese, souls or new rats!

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