Stuffing Rats and collecting Souls

For a mighty rat pack souls are essential!

Stuffing Rats and collecting Souls
The soul counter shows how many rat souls you already collected.

Everytime the soul counter is fully charged, you will get rewarded with a brand-new baby rat. You can collect souls by stuffing enemy rats with cheese. Click on the rat faces on the left and right to visit enemy rats and stuff them:

Look out for a rat you want to stuff. You cannot stuff enemy rats with a rat of yours that has a smaller level. Small rats are easy to stuff, but they will only grant a small amount of souls. Bigger rats are tough enemies, but they will drop a lot of souls. It is your choice! Your chance to successfully stuff an enemy rat depends on your chosen attacker, similar to the process of stealing cheese. Click on the green button to start stuffing.

There are also items which help you increase your chances to stuff enemy rats successfully. Regular poison, premium poison and mega poison! Simply click on one of these items before you start stuffing, it will automatically assist you on your next stuffing attempt.

If your attack was successful, the souls wanders straight into the casket. Remember: If you fail while stealing or stuffing, your loot is lost! Go back to your hideout, to collect your loot.

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