Divine war

Description: Here, four gods representing four different factions came together to battle. Join the fight to test your might against other server champions!

Participation requirements: All Lvl. 50+ players with battle ratings more than 300k can join this event only if you vote during the Vote Period. For those who don't vote, they cannot battle in the whole event, so they cannot experience the most exciting Divine War. By the way, if you are qualified to compete for the name of Hero of your server, don't miss the Sign-up period.

In each battleground there are 4 factions: Gods, Humans, Trolls, and the Undead. Each of them represents a different element and guardian:

Gods: Masters of the Heavenly Winds, Odin.
Humans: Masters of the Sacred Earth, Thor.
Trolls: Masters of the Dark Fire, Loki.
Undead: Masters of the Styx Waters, Hel.

The Divine War consists of five stages: Hero selection, Faction selection, Commander selection, Divine War, and Hall of Glory.

1. [Hero Selection]

Hero selection has two stages: Sign-up and Voting.

Sign-up Requirement: The top 15 players in the Battle Rating rankings are qualified to sign-up for Hero selection. If you want to be the Hero of your server, please don't miss this sign-up period! If there are no players sign up during the event period, the top 5 players in the Battle Rating rankings will be automatically signed up.

Voting Requirement: Lvl. 50+ characters with battle ratings in excess of 300k. Don't forget to vote, because if you miss the voting period, you cannot participate the event.


1. Qualified players can vote at least once per day.
2. Vote attempts are based on VIP level. The higher a player’s VIP level, the more vote attempts s/he will have.
3. Players can vote for themselves.
4. Players earn rewards each time they vote.
5. If there are not enough players signed up for the event, the other participant will be selected from the top 5 players in the Battle Rating rankings.
6. Players who successfully run for Hero or vote are qualified for the Divine War.
7. Note: Once the voting period is over, players cannot join the Divine War anymore.
Who Becomes a Hero?
- The player who earns the biggest quantity votes by the end of the voting period will be selected as the server’s Hero.
- If more than one player has the same number of votes, the one with the higher battle rating will be selected.

What are hero's privileges?
- A Hero can draw to select his server’s faction.
- Hero can use exclusive Buff Scrolls in the battleground.
- Winning Heroes can earn fantastic rewards.

2. [Faction Selection]
Description: When the Heroes are selected, they will select a faction.
- Each faction contains power from multiple servers
- Only the Hero of the server can pick the server.
- After joining the faction successfully, each faction can select one Commander from the Heroes.


3. [Commander Selection]
Description: All Heroes can run for Commander.

- Heroes of each server automatically become Commander candidates.
- Each vote earns the voter a reward. Vote attempts can be purchased.

Who Becomes a Grand Hero?
- The player who earns the biggest quantity of votes by the time the voting period ends will be selected as the Commander of that faction.
- If there is more than one player who has the most votes. The one with the higher Battle Rating will be selected.
What are a Grand Hero's privileges?
- Grand Heroes can cast Ultimate Skills in battle.
- The winning Commander can receive fantastic rewards.

4. [Divine War]

Description: The Divine War unlocks from 21:30 to 22:00 every day. During the truce period, you can hurry up to raise your battle rating, upgrade your weapon, and also you can move to accessible cities and make any possible preparations for the war.


- Factions
There are Gods, Humans, Trolls, and Undead, each of these 4 factions occupies its own city. The Divine War unlocks from 21:30 to 22:00 every other day. Players will fight to win more power for their faction.

- World Map
Movement: Click on a city and click the move button to move into the city. Players cannot pass cities which belong to other factions to reach the target city.

- Movement Range: During monemts of peace, players can move to cities that belong to them as long as the route to the city is open (Green arrows will point to them); during the war, players can move to their cities and to target cities that belong to other factions as long as there is an open route to them (Red arrows will point to them).

- Move CD
Upon making a move, a Movement CD will appear. CD duration is based on the distance between the 2 cities. CD can be removed by waiting or accelerating.

- Entering a City
Click on a city to enter. Players cannot enter a city while in CD.

- How to occupy a city?
First, clear all NPCs from the Bases and Trenches.
Second, clear all NPCs who protect the Tower in the city center.

How to enter the battle?

1. Move: enter a battleground by clicking on a city. Your character will appear in the city’s entrance.
2. Move/ Attack: click on an adjacent space to move or attack if there are enemies in that space. Players who own the city can move to the Trenches or the Tower to defend their city.
3. Battle CD: After each attack, there will be a CD in which players cannot move, initiate attacks or be attacked.
4. Buff Scrolls: Buff Scrolls can be used in a battleground. Click on Buff Scrolls and trigger them on a target within the effect range. Each Buff Scroll has it’s own special effects.


5. Revive: Players who died in a battleground will be revived in the entrance of their own city or faction city when their faction does not own a city (players who are defending a city can be revived in the city Tower when there are still NPCs in the Bases or then Trenches.)
6. Attack Priorities: When attacking Bases and Trenches, attackers will first battle with players if there are players defending the space. When attacking Towers, attacking will first battle with NPCs who are protecting the Tower. Attackers who tear down the Tower will occupy the city.
7. Movement/ Fatigue/ Morale Points:

Movement Points:
Each movement or attack consumes 8 movement points. 5 points recover every 5 seconds.

Fatigue Points:
Each battle adds 5 Fatigue Points, for each 5 Fatigue Points gained, ATK and DEF will decrease by 5%, 75% maximum.

Morale Points:
Each victory earns 5 points and each failure deducts 10 points. When morale decreases to 0, character will be sent back to the Faction City.
Besides, we add a Faction channel in Chat Box. Players in the same faction can communicate there.


Divine Shop
In Divine Shop, you can use Divine Mark , Divine War Emblem or Merit to buy various items, which include different kinds of Buff Scrolls, Silver Dragon Lord Crest, Theia's Crest, Hellfire Dragon Soul, Arcane Crystal (required material when using a Buff Scroll), Aerosiderite (required material in Buff Scroll evolution), Lvl. 8/7/6/5 Cherubstone, Lvl. 6/5 Superior Gem Chest, Angel Tears and many other items.


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