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Sail Away


1. Player can board a ship once and employ 1 mariner for free each day.
2. Spend any amount of Diamonds to automatically board a ship. Voyage will begin after the countdown finishes.
3. Spend 50 diamonds to employ one mariner immediately. The mariner can find bonus treasure for the player.

Deckhand: A passionate and hardworking newcomer,often rewarded with 1-star treasure chests.
Skillful Sailor: An experienced sailor, toughened by years at sea, adept at collecting 2-star treasure chest.
Second Officer: Only death can separate this hardy sailor from his captain.Rare 3-star treasure chests are his reward.
Chief Officer: He is one with the sea and desires to rule it. His roaming eyes can find precious 4-star treasure chests.
Captain: A woman of legend and one to be feared. She alone possesses the secrets required to obtain 5-star treasure chests.

4. Employing 1 mariner increase individual/world navigation EXP by 1 point.
5. A cross-server mariner treasure hunt will also take place during the voyage.If the mariner who finds treasure is one of the mariner selected by the player, then they will also win extra treasure at the end.
6. Paying any amount of the boarding fee also gives pirate gold.



1. There are Individual Perks and Total Benefits in this part.
2. Player can get rewards when reach the corresponding level.
3. There will be some bonus events when the corresponding level be reached.



In emporium you can use pirate gold to buy hot items.

That's all the rules. Feel free to comment and help us to update the information and tips.

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