Mating your fish


There are some requirements before your fish can successfully breed:

  • 1 Adult Male & 1 Adult Female of the same species (Required)
  • Enough Space in your tank to fit one new baby fish. If you have 30/30 fish, you cannot mate! (Required)
  • A Clean Healthy Tank (Recommended for better success)
  • Full Healthy Fish (Recommended for better success)
  • Fish Can Only Mate Once a Day (Required)

To mate your fish, first, select a fish, then click on Mate:

Next, you will be given the option to choose the mate. On this screen it will also display fish that have already mated (with a note saying they mated already) and fish that are too young too mate, so you can easily keep track of them.

When you select the mate, you then get the two options:

With the first option, you have a chance at a successful mating, and the mating costs coins. The coin price for the mating depends on the fish, for instance for a Clownfish it is much cheaper than the above example.

The second option gives you a guaranteed successful mating!

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