Common questions

What is the point of the game?
The point of the game is to raise baby fish to adulthood in your aquarium and then release them to the ocean by selling them for Coins. Keep your tank clean and your fish well fed to earn experience points so that you can level up. Leveling up allows you to have a bigger tank that can hold more baby fish. Decorate your tank and get your friends to rate it a thumbs up!


Where do I get accept gifts?
To accept gifts, click on the Star icon in the top right hand corner of the game, to see the Message Center. From here you can accept free gifts, as well as neighbor requests and other game requests.


How do I send a message in a bottle to my friends?
In small screen mode, click on your friend’s tank. Click on the bottle. Type the message and send it.


Where is my bottle? I don’t see a bottle in my tank!
The message bottle is visible in your friend’s tank only. You cannot see the bottle in your own tank, but just as you can see your friend’s bottle in their tank, they can see yours.


Can I feed my friends' fish?
At the moment, you are not able to feed your friends' fish. You can feed them the Happy Snacks, if the tank says «Tank Needs Love», but this will not nourish the fish so they can keep growing, only the tank owner can do that.


How do I feed my fish?
Click on the Fish Food icon and then click on the tank to release the food.


How often can I Send Food to my friends who are playing?
You can send one gift of free fish food to each of your friends once every 24 hours.


How do I clean my fish tank?
Click on the brush icon and hover the brush that appears over your tank. Click your mouse (repeatedly, if necessary) to clean the tank.


Can I clean my friends' fish tank?
Yes, while in your friends' fish tank click on the pink brush and then click the tank to earn XP while cleaning.


When and how can I expand my tank?
You can expand your tank at level 10 and level 20, and then at further levels. You will need 100 coins to do so. Click on «Expand» (blue icon with arrows in it) beside your tank name.


Can I have multiple tanks?
Yes you can! Just click on the tank drop down selection menu in the top left, and then you can add more tanks from here.


How can I earn pearls in the game?
Each time you level up, you will receive some pearls, how many pearls you receive depends on your level (the higher level you are, the more pearls you get).
Pearls can be purchased by clicking on Get More next to your pearl count.


How can I convert Pearls to Coins?
Use Pearls to buy an items in the Store and then select the item in your tank. Click on Sell to get Coins in exchange for that item.


Do fish die if I don’t take care of them?
No, don’t worry, your fish will never die.


Can I breed my fish?
Yes, you can. Once they mature to adulthood, just click on the fish you want to breed and select 'mate'. Eggs roll around the tank, so look behind your decorations for them.


How do I earn Coins?
Coins can be earned by clicking on your neighbor’s treasure chests. They can also be earned by releasing your fish to the ocean by selling them when they have reached adulthood. Lastly, you can earn a few coins by catching them in the training game.


Gain Xp after level 15 for selling adult fish.
To sell your fish, click on the fish and click on Sell.


Will clicking a neighbors chest take coins from them?
No. Clicking your neighbors chest will not effect the coins the owner receives, not will it take away from other neighbors that visit his or her tank.


Why does my neighbor’s tank say «tank needs love» and why won’t it let me collect coins?
If your neighbor goes for many days without tending their tank, you are no longer able to collect coin. Encourage your friends to actively play the game so that you all may continue to collect coins. You can now also use the Fish Snacks to make the fish happier again, so you can collect coins from these tanks. While visiting a friend’s tank, use the small pink smiley icon to select the Fish Snacks.


How do I buy baby fish?
Click on the Store to buy baby fish.


If I buy a new treasure chest, do I get two treasure chests?
The new treasure chest or Bubble Clam replaces your old treasure chest. You can only have one at a time.


When do Treasure Chests get refilled with Coins?
Treasure Chests are refilled every 24 hours.


I added my friends but they’re not showing on the bottom
The friends list on the bottom updates every 15 minutes. Check back later.


How do I rename my fish?
In small screen mode, click on the fish. Click on the Notepad. Highlight and replace the existing name with the new one.


What are achievements?
Click on the star medal at the bottom and center of your tank to see every kind of achievement you can earn. The fraction shows how many more actions you need to complete the achievement. So, if you have 72/500 on «Tidal Tycoon» that means you’ve made 72 coins from selling fish and you need to make 500 coins total to get the new medal.


How many XP are earned for each achievement?
Each medal level you achieve will award you with different amounts of XP.
Bronze = 100 xp
Silver = 250 xp
Gold = 1000 xp
GoldStar = 5000 xp

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