Rat levels, skills, hybrids

In this section we will teach you everything about the growth of your rats, their living space, special skills as well as rat hybrids.

Growth and Living Space
To grow your rats tall and strong, you need to feed them with cheese. A piece of cheese above the heads of your rats tells you: It is feeding time! Click on the thought bubble to feed your rats out of your cheese supply. Be sure to always have enough cheese to feed your rats. You can steal cheese, but you will also get some cheese for free. The bigger the rat, the more cheese is needed.

The bigger the rat, the more living space is needed too! After each feeding, your rat will walk to a wall and smash its head against it. After some beatings, the wall will break down and your hideout will enlarge.

See the progress bar above the wall? It starts from 100% and counts down, until the wall is destroyed.

Unlock new rooms, to visit mysterious dungeons and collect free cheese and presents!

Skills and Hybrids
You can assign special skills to your rats. Click on one of your rat and then click "Skills" to do so.

You can also mix two rats. Click on a rat and then click on "Mix rats". The advantage: Combined skills! You will hearts to mix two rats. You will get them as presents from friends or as reward for successfully stuffing enemy rats.

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