Stealing Cheese

Rats love cheese! Time to learn how to steal cheese from enemies!

Stealing Cheese
Your amount of cheese is displayed in the upper middle of the screen.

To steal cheese, visit enemy hideouts. Click on one of the rat faces on the left or right.

In enemy hideouts, you can see an information bar on the left side of the screen. It shows your available rats. You should not enter enemy hidouts, while your rats are hungry. They are much weaker then!

You can also see a lot of cheese on the ground. Small, middle sized and large pieces of wonderful cheese! The bigger the bit, the harder the chance to steal it. Click on a piece of cheese to see the chance you have to successfully steal it. The chance also depends on the rat you try to steal cheese with and their special skills. Click through your available rats with the yellow arrow to the left and right of the display.

By the way: Click on an enemy cheese and have a look at the bottom of the screen. The level of the cheese is displayed there. This information is useful for completing quests!

Your can influence your chances by supporting your rats with special items.

Click on a piece of cheese and look at your stealing chance. If it seems too small, choose special thief utilities to improve it.

Your thief rat now will rappel to steal the cheese. Be prepared! You can not instantly collect the cheese if your rat was successful. The cheese will be stored in a barrel until you leave the hideout (same goes for rat souls).

If you now try to steal more cheese in this hideout and fail, all cheese will be lost, even the cheese from the previous successfull loot.

If you were sucesfull on all 5 tries, go back to your hideout and collect your loot!

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