Healing and reviving Rats

Accept casulties as the leader of a rat pack. But can keep them small!

Healing and reviving Rats
There are two possibilities your rat is not ready for action. The rat was caught while stealing and got beaten up (K.o.) or it was successfully stuffed and is in coma.

Rats in k.o. have a counter above them showing you, when the rat is ready for action again. Heal your rat with bandages:

Rat in Coma
Your rat is in coma, when a defibrillator appears above it. Act fast now! Grab your defibrillators and help your rat:

Attention: Build and upgrade the sickbed from the construction menu, to lower the amount of defibrillators needed to heal your rats!

Dead Rat
If you do not help your rat in coma, it will die. A gravestone will appear in your hideout. But do not worry: You can revive dead rats!

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