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Level 5:
Unlocks Chat Function.
- There are 4 chat channels in League of Angels: All, World, Guild, and Party
- The all channel includes all other chat channels, on one screen.
- The world channel is allows players to send messages to all other players on the server
- The Guild channel lets players communicate with their fellow guild members, in privacy.
- The Party channel lets members of a certain party communicate, without having to deal with the clutter of other channels.

Level 10:
Unlocks Guild feature.
- Join or create a guild, donate gold to level up the guild level and increase the guild bonus cap. Donate diamonds to level up the guild flag and gain bonus stats for all members.

  • Max Guild Level: 60
  • Max Members: 83
  • Max Guild Bonus Level: 60
  • Max Guild Flag Level: 20


Level 15:
Unlock the Enhance feature in forge,
- You can enhance your gear with gold to increase its stats.

Enhance Combo Bonus:
- Enhancing all your equipment to a certain level will grant stat bonuses.

Level 20:
Unlocks Rose Rankings
- Send roses to Your friends to increase their rose charm, Rank in the top 20 daily to get rewards and Player with the most rose charm at the end of the event is rewarded with charmer flair, Rose Rankings takes place every 2 weeks.

Unlocks Titles and Flairs for your character.
- Titles grant various stat bonuses and are required for unlocking few angels.
- Flairs are hard to obtain and usually given out during events.


Level 21:
Unlocks Daily loot interface.
Unlocks the Mount feature.
- Mounts grants stat bonuses to your primary hero and also has a special skill.
- Leveling up mounts using mount potions increases their base stats and training mounts increases their bonus stats.

Level 20-22:
Unlocks Guild Domination.
Unlocks Guild event Gauntlet.
- Gauntlet takes places every alternate day (Spring and Autumn). In Gauntlet guild members prevent mobs spawning at 3 lanes from reaching the angel in the center.
Additionally there are 6 bosses who provide stat bonuses when defeated. Successfully defending your angel will reward you with gold and guild honor, rewards are better depending on the difficulty.

Unlocks Twilight Clash.
- In twilight clash guilds compete against each other in a capture the flag pvp mode to earn rewards.
-Twilight clash takes place at 21:00 Server time, Top 8 guilds based on guild lvl and BR qualifies to fight for the cities to earn rewards.
- Daily Tasks lists all the events taking place that day. Events like Team Arena, World Boss, Gauntlet, and Wyrm Race.

Unlocks Wyrm Race.
- You gain 1 race attempt daily and 2 free chances to randomly choose from one of the 4 dragons, You also get 10 attempts daily to pillage other dragons.
- Pillaging during the wyrm race bonus event which takes place once daily gives your 30% more gold.

Unlocks World Boss daily event.
- World boss takes place daily at 19:00.
- Main objective of this event is to deal as much damage as possible to the three bosses; you get more rewards depending on how much damage you deal. Also getting 100th, 200th, 300th hit and killing blow on bosses grants additional rewards.

Unlocks Emblem feature.

Level 23:
Unlocks Alchemy feature.
- You can collect gold for free daily in the alchemy interface. Non - VIP users has 2 free attempts daily while VIP users can get up to 10 free attempts.
- Alchemy costs diamonds beyond the 2 free attempts for Non-VIPs users.

Level 24:
Unlocks the ability to recruit heroes to your party
- You gain access to heroes in dawn tavern. A basic hero costs 100 Opal Herosouls and Epic heroes Costs 200 Garnet Herosouls.

Unlocks the party interface.
- Here you can organize your party, choose heroes to place in frontline and backrow.

Level 25:
Unlocks Hero skills interface in character page.
- Use warsouls to upgrade your skills, Certain levels of skills requires skill tomes and specific books to upgrade.

Unlocks Team Dungeons.
- In Team dungeon you create a party of up to 3 players to kill 2 mobs and a boss. You get better rewards for completing the dungeons faster.

Level 26:
Unlocks Gemology Minigame.
- You can win gems, socket rod and synth scrolls from gemology.
- Non-VIPs users get 20 energy daily while VIP users can get up to 30 energy daily. You can get energy cards from the store or from guild feast chests.

Level 27:
Unlocks Arena.
- Here you can battle other players from the list of randomly chosen 5 targets which refreshes once all the targets defeated or when the refresh timer activates.
- You get 10 free attempts daily, VIP users can buy more attempts for diamonds.

Unlocks Angel Covenant System.
- Meet certain requirements to unlock covenant which grants stat bonuses to angel and heroes in battle.

Level 28:
Unlocks Garden.
- You can grow plants to harvest gold, warsouls or mount exp potions. You can also enslave another player in your garden and extort them for gold.
- You can bless your friends' world tree, water, steal or harvest their plants to gain exp for the world tree. Leveling up your world tree reduces your planting time and increases your harvest.

Gain access to drills feature.
- Here you can train your hero to gain experience and level them up. You can use timeskip scrolls here to gain a certain amount of exp instantly.
- You get 1 training slot by default and can buy the second slot using gold. VIP users can buy additional 3 slots using diamonds.

Level 29:
Unlocks Clash of Might.

Level 30:
Unlocks Team arena.
- Team Arena takes place twice daily at 11:30 and 20:30 Server time. In team arena you team up with up to 3 players and compete with other teams to earn prestige and dragon crests.
- Dragon crest can be used in arena shop to buy Valor set, Holy crystals and Mount exp potions. You get 10 free attempts daily and VIP users can buy more attempts for diamonds.

Unlocks mount training.

- Use soulstones to upgrade the mount and increase its stats.

Unlocks raiders.
- Take part in raiders to win blessed stones and soulstones.

Unlocks Fairies
- Enjoy those wonderful new companions that will support you in battle and entertain you with their discussions.

Level 31:
Unlocks the Aegis interface.
- Aegis directly increases your angels' stats. Use the aegis shards dropped from mobs in zodiac levels to upgrade your aegis, Stats from different aegis stacks.
- Each aegis has a special skill and only one of these skills can be active at a time.

Unlocks Zodiac.
- Defeating the enemies in zodiac gives you aegis shards and completing a zodiac level unlocks an aegis.
- You get 1 free attempt for each zodiac level daily.

Level 32:
Unlocks Tidal pool Minigame.

Level 33:
Unlocks Cross Server War.
- Take part in 10 vs 10 capture the flag style pvp.
- Skins are used in cross server war and twilight clash, different skins provide different set of skills to use in battlefield.

Unlocks Angel Worship Feature.

Unlocks Tarot Cards Minigame.
- Match cards together for great rewards.

Level 35:
Unlocks the 4th battle slot.

Level 36:
Unlocks Angel Evolution
*The information in the table below is approximate and will definitely vary for everyone. Also its the amount of seraph stones required and not evolution points.

Level 40:
Unlocks Erebus.

Unlocks Marriage Feature.

Level 42:
Unlocks Jackpot.
- Jackpot works like a slot machine, you press a button to spin the three reels and win lucky stones based on various combinations on the reels. 20 free attempts daily. VIP users get up to 30 free attempts daily.

Unlocks Equipment Refining.

Level 45:
Gain access to Twilight tavern in the recruit interface, Recruit Epic and legendary heroes.
- Epic Heroes costs 300 Garnet souls, First set of legendary heroes costs 400 Topaz Souls

Unlocks the 5th battle slot.

Unlocks Inferno.

Unlocks Elemental Training for your heroes.

Unlocks advanced class.

- Mages can advance to either Sorcerer or Mystic; Warriors can advance to Berserker or Paladin.

Unlocks 2nd Trigger skill, partner skill and new passives.

Unlocks Advanced Gemology.
- You can win Superior quality gems (crit, endurance, dodge, block, hit) from gemology.

Level 50:
Unlocks Finishing move and new passives.

Unlocks Enigma Tavern.
- Buy heroes unlocked through events here.

Unlocks Cross-Server Tournament.

Unlocks Cross- Server Team Tournament.

Unlocks Gem Enhance feature.

Unlocks Eternal Spire
- Take part in endless tower to win runes which can be used to improve your equipment's.

Level 51:

Unlocks Guardian Angel.

Level 55:
Unlocks Rebirth Feature.
- Using rebirth will increase the heroes' base stats but will lose some Levels. For ex: Using rebirth on a lvl 55 hero will increase his base stats but bring his level down to 35. Rebirth levels cannot be inherited to another hero.

Unlocks Equipment Enchanting.
- Level 40+ legendary equipment or higher can be enchanted. There are 12 types of enchantment materials, all of which can be obtained from the Elite Dungeons of Eternal Spire. Each enchantment will increase the equipment stats by a certain percentage of the base stats.

Unlocks Elite Eternal Spire.

- For each level (e.g. level 1 stage 10) you clear in the Eternal Spire, one Elite Guard will be unlocked. After you successfully defeat the Elite Guard, you will be rewarded with the corresponding equipment enchantment materials.

Unlocks Abyss

- New PVE system.

Level 60:
Unlocks second rebirth for your level 60 heroes, Reduces 20 levels and gains +10 stat growth

Unlocks Dragon Taming feature.

- Works just like Gemology.

Unlocks Totems.
Level 61:
Gain access to Midnight tavern in the recruit interface.
- Recruit Topaz heroes for 600 Topaz and Ruby Heroes for 1000 Ruby

Level 65:
Unlocks third rebirth for your level 65 heroes, Reduces 20 levels and gains +10 stat growth.

- Give your heroes mounts which you no longer use to boost their stat!

Level 70:
Unlocks Next Class upgrade.
- Please note you don't get to choose a new class like at level 45 rather your hero just changes to red quality.

Unlocks fourth rebirth for your level 70 heroes, Reduces 20 levels and gains +10 stat growth.

Unlocks Reserve battle slot.
- Reserve Hero will replace the first hero that dies in battle.

- Boosts your main hero stats, and give him the possibility to use different sets of skills.

- Using artifats on random angels, will add them more skills for 4 rounds.

Level 75:
Unlocks fifth rebirth for your level 75 heroes, Reduces 20 levels and gains +10 stat growth.

Level 80:
Unlocks sixth rebirth for your level 80 heroes, Reduces 20 levels and gains +10 stat growth.

Level 85:

Unlocks seventh rebirth for your level 85 heroes, Reduces 20 levels and gains +10 stat growth.

Level 94: (Current level cap in-game)

Other features:
Collect your online bonus.
- You get bonus items for staying online. There are multiple rewards for different duration's.

Appears during special events.
- Collect your rewards during these events.

Available during certain events.

- Spin the wheel for a chance to gain various rewards.



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