Pirate's carnival


Pirate Spirit:
Fight together and get great rewards here! Click Pirate Spirit you will see this panel. When Pirate Spirit EXP reach certain amount, all players in this server can collect these rewards:

You can also click Point Rewards Button to check your personal point rewards.

1. Pirate Carnival consists of 4 parts: Pirate Spirit, World Boss, Pirate Chest, and Pirate Shop.
2. Every Ruby Necklace acquired will earn a player 1 personal point and increase the Pirate Spirit's EXP by 1. Every Sapphire Necklace acquired will earn a player 2 personal points and increase the Pirate Spirit's EXP by 2.
3. All Pirate Spirit level rewards can be collected once daily when available.
4. Join the World Boss during the event for a chance to receive Ruby Necklace . The top 50 in World Boss ranking have a chance to receive Ruby Necklace and Sapphire Necklace!
Can you and partners in your server reach the top level during the 7-day party? Come and try!

Pirate Chest
Resources, Ruby Necklace , Sapphire Necklace, Seraph's Stone are waiting for you in Gift Boxes! You can randomly get one of the following items with different kind of torchs.

There are 3 kinds of gift boxes. You need to collect Torchs to open them. You can get Normal Gift Box Torch, Angelic Gift Box Torch, Divine Gift Box Torch through hot events or use diamonds to buy.

Pirate Shop:
Exchange your necklases for prizes!


Here you can get mount Armored Rhino, Reindeer, Phoenix, Floe Hunter,Celestial Hunter, Angel Hemera, Aphrodite, Elena, Fairy Blessed Baby, Little Snow Queen, Clothing Pirate Costume, Endearing Cat Clothing, Medieval Armor, wings of Spring, and many more other items!

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