Capsule toys


"Capsule toys" is a very interesting event with some simple rules. Turn on the Vending Machine Button to get Capsule Toys which will earn you different kinds of items randomly.


1. During the event, all players get 1 free attempt daily while palyers with VIP4+ get 1 extra attempt daily.
2. The vending machine contains 50 Capsules in each round. Reset the machine by clicking 1-Click Reset or simply waiting.
3. Combo requirements and rewards change after the machine resets.
4. Capsule prizes are shown in the panel while actual rewards will be placed in the reward inventory. Lock prizes for a fee to create combos.
5. For every 4 turns, players will receive a cumulative reward. Unlike combo rewards, cumulative rewards will be placed directly in the character inventory.
6. The cost for each turn is the sum of the button turning cost and the locking fees.

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