Common questions

How do I sell an unneeded item?
Click on Inventory in the lower part of the screen. A list of all your items will appear with the Sell button underneath each item. Don’t forget that you lose image points when you sell clothing.


How do I change clothes?
You can change clothes by clicking on the closet in your apartment, or by clicking on Change Clothes in the lower part of the screen


How do I change my appearance?
To change your appearance, click on the Appearance button in the lower part of the screen.


How do I change my gender?
At the moment, you cannot change your gender in Avataria.


How do I raise my level?
You can raise your level by completing quests and earning experience. You can see your quest list by clicking on Quests in the left part of the screen. Your current level and experience are displayed in the upper part of the screen.


How do I arrange furniture in the apartment?
Once bought, furniture becomes part of the player’s inventory. To arrange the furniture you bought (as well as wallpaper, linoleum, etc.), click on the Room Editor button. Here you can also remove unneeded objects from the room, or rotate them.


How do I restore my energy?
Energy is restored automatically at a rate of 1 point per minute, but no more than 100 points. You can restore energy faster or receive an additional reserve of energy at the café or at the club. Additionally, energy can be bought for gold by clicking on Add underneath the energy bar.


How do I earn money?
Silver coins can be earned by performing jobs, as well as by completing quests and playing games. All available jobs can be found by clicking on the Places icon and selecting the Work tab.


Who are my neighbors?
Your neighbors are friends in your social network that have installed the Avataria app. You can clean up their apartments and earn silver coins for it.


Who are my buddies?
Your buddies are other players that you’ve befriended in Avataria. You can see your buddy list by clicking on the Buddies icon in the lower part of the screen.


Why can’t I buy an additional room?
To buy an additional room, you must be of a certain level. You are allowed to buy an additional room after reaching levels 3, 5, 7 and 9. Ultimately, your apartment may contain up to 5 rooms.


I’ve cleaned up all of my neighbors’ trash. When will it appear again?
The next day.


Why is there less trash in my neighbor’s apartment? There’s supposed to be 5 pieces of paper!
If your neighbor’s apartment has several rooms, the trash may be distributed throughout them.


I’ve performed all jobs in the garden. When will I be able to work there again?
In 1 hour.


I’ve cleaned up all the trash in the yard. When will I be able to work there again?
In half an hour.


How do I accumulate over 100 points of energy? I have a maximum of 100 points!
Buy something to eat or drink from waitresses at the club or the café. This will help restore your energy. You should keep buying until your energy reaches the desired level. Additionally, you can get +100 points of energy for 3 gold coins at any time. Just click on the + sign next to the energy bar.


Why isn’t the game loading?
This may happen for a number of reasons. We recommend you read the following note that explains some of them.


Where do I get codes for the game (for gold, silver, energy, etc.), Where do I enter these codes?
There are no game codes, so there are no fields to enter them either.


I have been cheated: they swapped me some cheap stuff for my expensive things, had me give something away, etc. What can I do?
Oops, too late. May we suggest that next time you be more careful and not trust strangers? Remember, you always swap at your own risk.


I am not getting my daily gift. Why?
If you’ve been away from the game for a while and then came back, your gift will start appearing on the second day after the comeback.


I keep getting the Game Suspended message. Why?
This only happens when you toggle between browser tabs and/or if your Internet connection is too slow. You may also get this message if you remain inactive for a few minutes.


How do I get VIP status and access to the VIP room? What are the benefits of the VIP status anyway?
To get VIP status and access to the VIP room, you need to have a VIP card. For additional information on bonuses for VIP players and costs, see the VIP card purchase window that pops up when you try to enter the VIP room.


How can a VIP card holder restore energy for herself and her friends at no charge?
You can restore your own energy at the VIP room, from a waitress or a hookah. You can do this once every four hours.
Your friends’ energy may be restored at the café or the club. Just treat them to a slice of cake or a cocktail. You can treat someone at no charge three times a day.


Why didn’t I get three chips when it says in the tips that I am entitled to three chips a day?
You get a gift of three chips only if you spend your gift from the day before. You will not get any new gifts from the game until you spend the previous one.


How do I remove someone from the enemy list?
If you have no contact with someone on your enemy list for a while, the Remove button will become active.


Does anyone ever win any jackpots?
It happens, but not very often. You just need to get lucky.


Why am I not being credited for the quest to enter the garden/courtyard 7 times within a day?
To get proper credit, you need to enter the garden/yard 7 times in a row, when a new shift starts or after a short break.
If you couldn’t enter the garden/yard 7 times in a row, when a new shift starts or after a short break, try repeating the quest some other day when you have more time.


Why am I not being credited for cleaning the courtyard even though I took all the trash out?
Trash likes to hide in the bushes or behind trees. In order to get all the trash out, we recommend you leave the courtyard a few times during the shift and then come back. This way the trash will come out from under the bushes and behind the trees.


How do I plant a bomb?
Enter any room in the apartment where there is a couch and/or armchairs.
Click on Inventory.
Click the Use button next to the bomb.
Click on any armchair or couch.


How do I get engaged or married in the game?
Here’s what you need to do:
Raise your relationship to the couple level.
The guy will then need to propose and give the girl an engagement ring.


How do I paint graffiti?
Enter any room in someone else’s apartment.
Click on Inventory.
Click the Use button next to graffiti.
Click on any wall.


How do I make a red picture frame or vase when there are only blue ones at the workshop?
You can make both red and blue frames and vases at the workshop. All you need to do is make a blue frame or vase. However, occasionally they will come out red, rather than blue, which may be quite handy when completing quests.


How do I give gifts?
Click on the player you want to give a gift to.
Select Gifts.
Select Gift Type.
Give the gift.


Why won’t the avatar get into the jacuzzi?
The player has no swimsuit on.
The jacuzzi is positioned so that the player cannot come close enough. Try moving the jacuzzi to a different spot.
The player is trying to get into someone else’s jacuzzi when the host is not home. You just can’t do it without your host.


Gold coins failed to arrive even though votes have been purchased.
Try following the Instructions. If this doesn’t help, contact the corresponding section after you read the section rules.


How do I fix an item I broke?
You cannot repair someone else’s items even if you are the one who broke them. However, you can repair your own items that you break.


Why can I not complete the Making Cozy quest? Why don’t I get credit for the white couch?
Players get this couch for free at the very beginning. To make the quest more difficult, it does not count since it was too easy to get.


What are kitchen modules?
Those are kitchen cabinets, tables, ranges, sinks, etc. They are available for purchase at stores in the Furniture-Kitchen-Elements section.

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