Common questions

What happens when I work on my friend’s land?

Well, what happens in the first place is you giving a hand to your friend. With it, he doesn’t lose any energy, but receives all the bonuses as if he’s done all the work on his own. As for you, you can get experience, coins and even some materials, but at your neighbour’s plot the drop rate is much lower, then at yours.


How many friends can I have?

Your friend list is able to show only 100 people. If you have more then these 100 playing the game, then the list will randomly pick 100 of them to show.


Are there any limits for daily gifting on both sides of a friendship?

You can give somebody a free gift once a day, but can pick for this action only 20 friends. However, as for receiving, you can get as much gifts from others as you’re lucky to have.


Where can I get magic gems from?

You can always just buy them with some real money. Or, if you log in the game 5 days in a row, you get 1 gem for free. 10 days of consecutive visiting gives you 2 gems. Another ways to get these precious jewels are:

  • Winning a free daily lottery;
  • Going up from one level to another (except every 5th level when you get additional energy, not gems);
  • Sharing news about new updates;
  • Sharing news about accomplishing some special missions;
  • And some others! Saty tuned for new ways to suddenly come up and for specials with gigantic discounts!


How can I get some more energy?

  • You get 1 energy point added to your limit every 5 levels.
  • You can cook some energy food.
  • Visiting neighbours gives you 1 enegy in addition to 100 coins.
  • Once per 6 hours you can send a request to a random friend and get 5 energy points from it. Moreover, you don’t even have to wait for his responce — energy adds itself up instantly!
  • That enchanted bench the game gave you at the very beginning gives you energy, have you noticed that?
  • White cats that you find on market can give you energy, but you need to go through one special quest first.
  • Yogurt cake that you can just as well find on the market and buy for gems can restore your energy and increase the limit by 1!
  • And there are also a lot of special animals and decorations that exist for just the energy, so look for them.


How can I sell or move tiles?

For this, you need to find a specific cursor icon in the relevant menu at the right bottom of the screen. Click the icon, then click on the tile.


Why can’t I run the game in fullscreen?

You can, you probably just can’t find the right button for it. Look at the left bottom part of the screen just above the map and gift icons. You’ll notice there a transparent tab with little gears. Click it and you’ll recognize the desired.


I have a task to raise an animal (grow a tree). Well, I’ve raised/grown it, but the task haven’t credited it. Why?

Such a task takes into consideraton only those objects that move from one (middle-age) stage to another (full grown) on its watch. It means it won’t account anything that’s already been grown before. So, in order to complete the task, you need to actually raise or grow something while the task waits.


How long does it take for plants to dry up?

Don’t worry, they’re not subject for such horrible things. You will find your lovely plant just where you’ve left them 5 years ago!


Why do I get so few materials dropped?

Most of them drop just not constantly. There is some drop chance, but it was made so for balance purposes. Also, that chance is much lower when you’re trying to find these materials at your neighbours' plots.


Where do I find ducks, frogs, and turtles?

You can find them at pond, but you need to build one first. After you did it, click it and go inside. In order to have a turtle, you need to level the pond up to 2nd. Note that while the pond is leveling up you can’t go inside and play with the beasties! You have to wait the leveling up process to complete, of course.


How do I get roots?

You get them from so-called treants. As an in-game tip says, when you mouseover the treant’s name in the market, you unlock them after completing quests from a Magic Forest line, available at level 25.


How do I get the gray goat and the girl goat?

You can get a goat by using a goat wand that you need to craft in workshop, or in wand generator. Click on the latter and go inside it.


How to store and move animals and decorations between the islands?

When you reach 25th level, you’ll get a task that upon completing will give you a wherehouse to store these animals, decorations and some other things. This building will just allow you to move its contents between the islands.


I’ve lost some gems and materials! What’s happened?

Well, gems and materials don’t just disappear. It’s technically impossible. It’s possible that’ve you spent them on something, like building. Something that asks for these materials and gems in order to go forward, but you haven’t noticed it, or accepted the terms accidently. Be careful.


Why haven’t I got the bonus task?

These tasks are limited in number, and you can be just late for them.

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