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Character Information


What’s the top character level in the game?



How can I increase battle capacity of my character?

There are multiple ways to increase battle capacity: upgrade the squad heroes, your dragon, armor, wings, equipment, mount ect. All these options are located right above the experience bar: 


What is required to upgrade these features?

Each feature requires relevant materials for upgrade. Experience scrolls for squad heroes can be acquired in daily missions. Mount and wings upgrade stones can be acquired in Trial Dungeons. Hero upgrade and soul stones can be acquired in Materials Dungeons.


What characteristics can I increase?

There are 3 major characteristics in the game: HP, attack and defense. Basic stats include awakening points, critical strike chance, resilience, block chance and pierce. There is also a number of more advanced stats. You can look at your characteristics in the Bag menu [B] and learn their effects.  


Where can I upgrade my gear?

You can upgrade your gear in the Blacksmith menu [T] after reaching level 30.


How can I upgrade my gear?

There are multiple ways to upgrade equipment: by enhancing, inserting stat gem, enchanting and refining. You’ll require special resources for each of these methods.


How can I change my character outfit?

Enter the Bag menu [B] and find a “Fashion” button under your gear. All the outfits available for the player will be present in this menu. Outfits can be acquired for different currencies (diamond, amber, faction badges etc.)

Social Interactions


How do I send a personal message?

Click on the character nickname in the chat or select the character visible on the screen and then select “Private Chat”.


How do I add a player into my friend list?

Click on the character nickname in the chat or select the character visible on the screen and then select “Add Friends”.


Are there group activities in the game?

Players can challenge monsters in the dungeons in groups, while playing in Multiplayer Dungeon mode.


What is faction?

After level 28 Faction [G] feature is unlocked. Players select one of the 2 faction to fight for. This feature allows to challenge players from the other faction, acquire faction badges and purchase items in faction shop.


How do I create a clan?

Open “Clans” window in Faction menu. You can create your own clan after reaching level 34.


How do I disband a clan?

Go to Faction menu [G] and select “My clan” window. If you are a leader of a clan, press “disband” button.


How can I join a clan?

Go to Faction menu [G] and select “Clans” window. Press “Apply” to leave a clan join request. You will join a clan after your request is approved.


How can I leave a clan?

Go to Faction menu [G] and select “Clans” window. Press “Quit” button, if you are a member of a clan.


Are there any achievements in the game?

Press “Goals” button at the bottom part of the screen to access achievement menu.


Do any events take place?

There are several types of events. Achievement-type events can be accessed by pressing “Events” button. Information about daily events timing can be found in the upper part of the screen.

Items and Inventory


How can I purchase an item?

Items can be purchased for amber and diamonds in Shop menu [O]. Items for other currencies can be purchased in “Exchange shop”.


How can I sell items?

Open your Bag [B]. Press “Sell” and click on the item you wish to sell.


Why I can’t equip an item?

Each item has a level requirement, mentioned in item description. You won’t be able to equip the item, if you don’t match level condition.


How can I increase the number of inventory slots?

Inventory slots can be unlocked for free after certain time spent online. You can unlock slots for diamond and amber without waiting.


Do I risk anything trying to enhance my gear?

All types of enhancement in the game are risk-free.



How can I engage a PVP battle?

There are multiple ways to challenge other players: open field, arena, faction war, plunder etc.


Who attacks first in my team?

Press the “Arrange” button to check the attack order of your heroes. “Show attack order” should be active to see the order.


How do I make a move during combat?

The battle is automatic, but you can affect the next skill used by your character, if you have enough energy.


How do I use skills during combat?

While in combat, select a skill in the bottom part of the screen. You can use skills only when you have required energy.


What rewards can I get after defeating a boss?

Bosses drop valuable rewards upon death. For example, bosses from “Dragon Invasion” event drop materials and epic and legendary gear.


Are there any PVP tournaments in the game?

Battles between factions take place in the War menu. Individual battles take place in Arena menu.  

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