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How many roles are there?

Five. Point guard, Shooting guard, Small forward, Power forward, and Center. Each role has its own assigned position on the court depending on its attack and defense capabilities.


What is a Point guard?

Point guard specializes in controlling the ball and passing it to other players. They can fill a support role and have the best ball stealing skills. A point guard needs to coordinate with the team and be aware of the gaps in the defense in order to maximize offensive potential.


What is a Shooting Guard?

Shooting guard is an off-guard role. The role is perfect for keeping and passing the ball. Has the highest rates on throws from the three-point zone. Specializes in guarding enemy forwards and finishing attacks.


What is a Small Forward?

Known as the three, Small Forward is the most versatile of the five positions. Speed and accuracy are his trademarks. Small forwards can play in both offense and defense.


What is the Power Forward?

The power forward, also known as the four, is the role responsible for most points in the match. His trademarks are slam dunks and hook shots. Can also play defensively in a zone defense.


What is the Center?

The center, also known as the five, or the big man, plays in the center position. Has high blocking and rebound skills. Considered to be on of the most important role of the five.


Are there specific skills?

Each character can slot 6 basic skills and more can be unlocked. Skills are divided into 4 categories: defensive, shooting, breakthrough and special moves.


How do I unlock more skills?

Complete matches, finish the main story to progress and level up.


How do I unlock more features and functions in the game?

Each new level unlocks a new feature in the game for you to try out.


How many modes are in the game?

There are several available modes in the game. You can complete the story, or undergo special training to improve your character. You can also team with or against AI or other players in multiplayer matches.


What is the level cap?

40 is the max level. This cap will, however, change in future.


Are there ranked modes available in the game?

There are Ranked ladders currently available. More will come soon, such as Regional League, and custom player-created events.


Can I customize my character?

There are multiple skins and accessories available for each character in the game which you can either purchase or unlock.


Are skins just cosmetic?

Some skins can provide your character with extra attributes, increasing your power.

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