General questions

How to fix pictures hangs issue while playing the game?

Click on “Display’’ icon in the upper right corner of the screen to block other players or special effects and optimize the game. You can also set up a browser by clicking on the button “hangs fixing“, which can be found on the main interface.


Can I block up a player if he keeps spamming in the chat?

If you think that other player disturbs you while playing the game, you can add them to the Black List.


Which is the keyboard shortcut to sit/dismount?

Click on “X” to speed up XP skill.


How to sit/dismount quickly?

Click on ”H“ to sit/dismount.


How to activate auto mode?

Please click on the “A” button to activate auto mode, and “Shift+A” to activate automode range regulating.


Experience orb icon interfere during the fight, can I hide this icon?

There are two small arrows on the left side. Click on the arrow to make the icon smaller on the given bar.


Can equipment change its color depends on its quality?

Depends on the quality, equipment can change its color: blue -> violet -> orange -> red -> dark gold -> fiery-red. The higher quality of equipment is, the rarer it is. The equipment quality rises depending on the character's feat points.


What should I do if NPC and monsters are not displayed or the picture is black?

It can be caused by the Internet connection problem or loading problem. Try to clear browser cache in your and reset the game.


How to open team interface?

Please click on “T” to open the team interface.


All skills disappeared from the hot keys bar. How to get them back?

Please click on “V” to open skill bar, аnd than drag them to the skills’ shortcut bar.


What is the difference between topazes and attached topazes in the game? How to use them?

Attached topazes can be obtained in the game without purchasing; its application sphere does not differ from that of ordinary topazes. You can buy requisite in an amount equivalent to the cost of topaz.

(Note: attached topazes cannot be used to purchase gifts, open gifts and chests, as well as for seven-days investments and other objects which are activated using topazes.


Equipment system

How to get the orange equipment?

  1. Participate in daily events to get the orange upgrade gem; blue and violet weapons can be upgraded to the orange ones.
  2. Kill BOSSES and get more orange upgrade gems.


How can I get mount, wings, divine weapon and equipment to upgrade system level?

You can possibly get equipment, which will upgrade system level after participation in squad instance.


How to calculate equipment set parameters of different levels?

Parameters of the activated high lvl. equipment set can replace parameters of the low lvl. equipment set. If you got 2 orange sets of 40 lvl., parameters of both 40 lvl. sets will be activated. At the same time, the parameters of 2 equipment sets of 30 lvl. will be replaced too, but the parameters of 4, 6 or 8 sets of 30 lvl. will remain unchanged.


System level upgrade

How to get a mount upgrade gem?

To get a mount upgrade gem, you need to activate game gifts or instance trophy, purchase in the store, etc. Other upgrade requisites, similar to mount upgrade stones, can be obtained in the same ways.


How to use a mount upgrade gem?

Mount upgrade gem increases the level of the mount, improve beast’s parameters, increase character’s BP, and improve their appearance.


Why were the cost of the wishes of happiness reserted to 0?

Countdown of the cost of the wishes of happiness is 24 hours, and resets at 00:00. Finish the upgrade to save the cost of the wishes of happiness.


I want to exchange mount or wings, how can I do that?

Mount and other functions of the magic transformation should be upgraded to 2 lvl. You can also open corresponding upgrade bar, click on the upgrade button and choose the necessary magic transformation model in the popped-up window using right-left key. Next, click on “Transformation” button, and the transformation will be finished. 


BOSS System

Do different Bosses have the same parameters?

Different Bosses’ parameters are different too. For example, you cannot get reward for killing a world Boss, you will get it only according to the dealt damage rating. The Rare Boss reward belongs to the player who dealt the damage first. The outstanding Boss reward is given to players according to the dealt damage rating. Besides, there are target damaging rewards, dealt final damage rewards. For more detailed information please go to ” Furious boss” bar.


What is rare Boss submission points?

Rare Boss obeys the first player to attack him, the subordinate reward will be given only for subordinate Boss and his army.


Female-Dragon System

How to activate female-dragon?

While executing the main storyline quests, you can get the requisite to activate green waves female-dragon.


It is said on the female-dragon bar that there are only 5 female-dragons in the game. How can I get the rest of them?

Finishing the Fairy instance, you can get female-dragons of blazing fire and hurricane. You can purchase sacred tree female-dragon only in the store. Dark night female-dragon is not currently available. Stay tuned for new versions of the game.


What is a benefit of using female-dragon?

Activating female-dragon you can fight to other players and this will significantly increase your BP. Upgrading female-dragon, activating more powerful skills of female-dragon, upgrading female-dragon parameters can bring more parameters and rewards to a character. 


How to get female-dragon experience gem?

Female-dragon experience gem can be received by upgrading magic tree level, collecting its sacred fruits, and participating in female-dragon instances. Female-dragon experience gem can be used to upgrade female-dragon level to get more rewards and parameters. 


After successfully finishing the 3 star material instance, will the free clean-up of each material instance be every day

Yes, each of the material instances will be cleaned up every day free. A player can choose the max lvl, instance to challenge/clean up and get the maximum benefit.


Can I participate in cross-server squad instance by myself?

Yes, you can, but we still recommend you to join squad to increase the passing efficiency rate. If there are 3 players in the squad, their ATK will be increased by 10%. Finishing the instance, you can get 20% more instance gold. 


What should I do if I lost connection while passing the instance?

In some cases, for example, in experience instance, world Boss instance, rare Boss instance you data will be saved for dome time after losing the connection and will not be lost after reconnecting. However, if the connection was lost while you passing the hero expedition, cross-server squad instance or tower of scrolls, your data will not be saved.


Guild System

If the guild leader was not online for a long time, can I execute the impeachment order?

The guild system is still in development, and there are no any impeachment function.


How to upgrade the guild level?

To upgrade the guild level, you need to consume guild resources, and after upgrading the guild level, you can activate guild instance of higher difficulty level.


What functions can be opened after upgrading the guild?

If guild level is higher than 2 lvl., the guild instance will be opened. It activates every day by the leader of the guild. Fighting the Boss, you can get guild experience, resources and rewards. The guild prosperity function is still developing too. Please stay tuned for new versions of the game.

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