Common questions


What is the level cap?

Max level is 251.


How do I increase my character's stats?

Stats depend on your equipment which can be selected in the Backpack tab.


Can I customize my character's skills?

Yes. Open the Skills tab to upgrade and select skills. You can also experiment with macros to increase efficiency in the Macros tab.


Where do I improve my equipment?

Open the character tab and go to Enhance.


How do I change my character's looks?

Open the character tab and go to Appearance.


What is Esper and how do I learn flying?

Esper is a special equippable item. It provides basic stat increase and serves as a ground and flying mount.


Can I recreate my character?

You cannot delete your character or reset your progress. Use the available character slots wisely!



Is there a way to send a private message?

Select a player from the friend list or tap on a player's icon in the chat and select Whisper.


How do I team up with someone?

Open the character tab, select Squad and tap Create Party. You can also set up goals and objectives for the group.


How do I join a group?

Open the character tab, go to Party and choose a group to join.


How do I invite to my group?

Tap on a player and select Invite to Party.


How do I add someone to the friends' list?

Tap on a player and select Add a Friend.


How do I create a guild?

Open the character tab and go to Guild. Enter your guild's name and description. The guild creation fee is 5000 gold.


How do I disband a guild?

A guild cannot be disbanded. To leave a guild, promote another member in your guild to leader.


How do I join a guild?

Open the character tab and go to Guild. You can join any available guild by tapping Apply in 1 Tap.


How do I leave a guild?

Open the character tab and go to Guild, open the Members List and tap Leave Guild. You will not be able to join another guild for 4 hours after leaving.


Is there a group finder tool?

You can queue to a dungeon and the system will auto-fill your group with more players.


Are there titles?

Yes. Open the character tab and go to Titles to select one.


Are there in-game events?

Yes. You can look through all events in the Events tab.



Is there an auction?

Yes. You can trade in-game items to other players.


Why can't I use this item?

Some items need you to meet certain requirements, such as level or class requirement.


Where can I purchase in-game items?

Many items can be purchased in the in-game Store.



What is the difference between PvP and PvE?

In PvP battles, your opponents are real players, whereas in PvE battles you fight monsters.


How do I use my spells?

Tap on a skill icon to use it.


Is there auto-combat?

Yes. If the auto-combat mode is on,  your character will use all the skills on its own. You can configure this mode in the game's settings.


What do I get from killing bosses?

You can receive rare rewards and new equipment.


Is there GvG?

Yes. Guild wars are available in the Guild War tab,


Are there PvP events?

Yes. There are PvP and cross-server events which can be found in the Events tab.

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