Since the ancient times, the world was full of people striving for perfection and the absolute knowledge. Only a few chosen have attained the higher knowledge, however. Possessing it has elevated them to the ranks of paragons among their people.

The Middle plain was particularly rich in such sages. It is no wonder that the famous Jadeon school was born in here. Its adepts followed have always followed the path of honor and justice.

But the world is vast and multi-sided, so the Middle plain philosophy was never considered to be the ultimately true one. The Wildlands, for example, followed a very different path. Many paths lead to immortality and many of them were adopted by various schools reaching for both light and darkness.
Saion, one of the few survivors of the massacre at the Herbalists Village near mount Jadeon, was accepted to Skysong school as an apprentice at a young age. A wandering monk, a master of Skysong school, saved the boy after the bloodshed and handed him a powerful artifact, the Blood Sphere, asking him to get rid of it as soon as he was able. But the young man never did so.

Years passed and Saion proved to be a diligent student of the Jadeon teachings. Despite studying being hard, the boy worked tirelessly in gratitude to his mentor. Here in Jadeon he found loyal friends: Twindi, San Biblios, and Snowflake Liu, the most talented and beautiful student in all of Jadeon. Only with their help was he able to survive one of the toughest moments of his life.

Saion fell in love with Lapis, a daughter of one of the Vim magisters. They start a relationship, but their happiness would not last. The Vim magister plotted to resurrect the terrible Beast God seeking to weaken Jadeon forever. Saion fought back bravely but in doing so revealed the secret of his past. The Jadeon grandmaster Dao Xuan used the Sword of Rebirth against Saion, fearing that he has fallen under the influence of the dark doctrine. But at the last moment, Lapis took the blow herself, saving her beloved. The soul of the brave girl left her body but never vanished. Thanks to the Lupin Bells the soul of Lapis has been sealed in this world, trapped between life and death.

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