Battle Spirits Guide

Battle spirits are obtained through completing quests, clearing dungeons, and participating in events. When a certain amount of spirits are obtained a formation can be activated to provide a stat boost.


Battle spirit fragments can increase the battle spirit rank and improve the stat boost.


Complete quests, clear dungeons and participate in events. Battle spirit fragments, soul dust and silver can be used to increase the battle spirit rank. The higher the rank the larger the bonus to stats. This bonus is always active regardless of the active formation.


Kindred battle spirits activate kinship stats.


Kinship stats provide additional bonuses. A single battle spirit can be kindred with no more than 4 other spirits. Battle spirit rank does not affect the kinship parameters which are activated when a corresponding spirit enters the formation.


To promote a battle spirit fragments and soul dust is required. Promotion increases battle spirit stats.



Tempering allows extra stats and kinships to be added for gold but does not affect the current stats and kinship.


Tempering stats

A battle spirit can receive 1 to 3 extra stats which are not affected by current stats and battle spirit rank.

Tempering and kinship

A battle spirit can receive 1 to 3 extra kinships which are not affected by current stats and battle spirit rank.


Formation increases the character's parameters. The activated parameters are determined by the lowes rank of a battle spirit. If all the spirits in a formation are rank 1, a crit bonus will be 903. If all spirits in a formation are rank 6 the crit resist bonus will be +1083, and so on.


The formation can house 3 to 6 battle spirits. This number can be increased by expanding.


Double formation

1. Double formation becomes available after an Ascension and expanding the formation to 6 battle spirits.

2. Two formations can simultaneously be activated after unlocking. To activate the current formation tap Activation in the left corner. To improve a formation cancel the formation activation. Kinship stats, kinship tempering stats, and both of the formation's stats are active at the same time.

3. 6 battle spirits formation activates the double formation automatically. 3,4, and 5 battle spirits formation need to be unlocked with ingots.

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