1. Menu

Tap on your character's icon, then go Appearance - Mounts.


2. Mount list

All mounts are displayed on the mounts list. Owned mounts are highlighted.
Selecting a mount will display its speed, flying speed, and ways to obtain it.

3. Mount list

Mounts can be one-seated, two-seated, and five-seated. 


All Espers can work as a one-seated mount. 


4. Mount speed

All mounts have the same speed. Ground speed is 150 and flight speed is 165.

5. Spirit

Flying consumes spirit. Every 2 min. while grounded adds 300 spirit, every second flying consumes 3 spirit. You can start flying at 900 spirit points (spirit is not consumed if below lvl. 30).

Сrescent light can be used to fully restore spirit (2400 points).

6. Transformation

Open the Mount tab and go to Transformation to change the appearance of your mount or Stop Transformation to cancel this effect.


Select a mount, tap Transformation. Transformation allows changing the appearance of the active Esper.


Tap Stop Transformation to cancel this effect.


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