Elite and World Bosses

World and Elite Bosses are limited-time team PvE events. Individual squads can take on elite bosses, while entire guilds need to work together against world bosses.

Elite Bosses become available when your character reaches level 20. The respective event is open 4 times a day: 11:00-11:30, 15:00-15:30, 18:00-18:30, and 23:00-23:30. However, the number of times a player can receive rewards for fighting Elite Bosses each day is limited. To receive a reward, all one has to do is take part in the event 5 times, anytime it is active. This means you can choose which timeslot is more comfortable for you personally to participate in battles against Elite Bosses.

Elite boss trophies include purple equipment (except for capes, costumes, and badges), gems (material for crafting).

It’s best to fight elite bosses in a fully-stacked squad of 5 players. Elite bosses appear on the map several times a day. Grab your friends, form a squad, and take down some bosses together!


World Bosses become available when your character reaches level 28. The event takes place every day from 20:00 to 20:30. During this time, 1 world boss will be spawned. It’s best to fight this boss with your guild. Trophies are distributed via the guild auction system. If a guild has no more daily World Bosses attempts, they will not receive a reward for fighting the boss. While the event is in progress, all you have to do is open any list of evil world bosses, and at the end of the event your reward for participation will be sent to your inbox.

World boss trophies include epic capes, costumes, badges, and various gemstones.

World bosses have a Guild symbol following their name. Obviously, they are much more difficult to defeat than elite ones: guild officers will need to assign combat roles to squad members and even command them during battle. Only through cooperation and teamwork can a guild defeat the world boss and reap the glorious rewards.

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