How to change iOS Game Center binding to any other

After accepting the user agreement, an automatic authorization occurs as a guest, the guest account is linked to your Game Center account (hereinafter referred to as GC). If GC is enabled, but for some reason you are not logged in, iOS will kindly show you the login window. If GC or iCloud is turned off, then you will simply be logged in as a guest.

To change the binding from Game Center to any other, you need to log out of the Game Center account in the player’s profile in the game from the device where the binding to the GC was created (for example, if you had an iPhone and tablet and the first time you started the game and synchronized with the Game Center on the iPhone, then you need to take the iPhone).


  1. Tap the Profile button in the game lobby.
  1. In the authorization window that appears, choose Logout. Please note that the guest’s Mobile ID must match the Game Center Mobile ID.

  1. In the authorization window that appears, tap the Continue as guest button.

  1. Press the Profile button again.


  1. A guest profile should open with the same Mobile ID as the profile with an authorized GC.

  1. Choose the Sync Progress button.
  2. Click on the logo of the platform whose profile you want to use to enter the game.
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