Familiars: Astral Array

Astral Array function is a good way to boost up your Power. This feature unlocks at lvl 40. There you can activate several passive skills at once.


The skills are divided into the categories: Amplifier, Survival, Technical, Blessed, Offensive, Tactical.

The using of Astral Array depends on the Familiar star level. Increase it to upgrade the Astral Array. Force of Starlight increases when Green and Blue tier Familiars reach 2-Star and Purple and Orange Familiars reach 1-Star. Don’t forget to read the conditions of increasing the Force of Starlight level at the Astral Array Tab!

Where to get Astral Array skills

Astral Array Skills can be synthesized from Skill Books Pages. 10 Skill Book Pages can be converted in 1 random skill. You can also convert 14 Skill Book Pages into a selected rare skill during the Skill Book Page Exchange event [check the Awesome Events tab].


You can get Skill Book Pages:

  • in Fort quests;
  • in the Store: purchase Skill Book Shard Giftbox to obtain Skill Book Page x1 and Skill Book Chest x1;


  • during special events.

Don’t forget to develop your familiars and they will be a powerful support for you during your adventures!

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