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How do I begin playing?

Eternal Magic will become available for free in the second half of 2019 when the Open Beta stage begins for everyone. Purchase an Early Access pack that includes a key to Closed Beta and access the game several days prior to the Open Beta.


What do I get by applying to Closed Beta?

Anyone who has applied to participate in the Closed Beta test will get a pack with in-game gifts. You will receive these items after the Open Beta begins. Also, some owners of the Recruit pack will be randomly chosen for Closed Beta.


When does Closed Beta begin?

Closed Beta is scheduled for the second half of 2019. More will be announced later, subscribe to our communities to stay tuned!


How to access Closed Beta?

To participate in the Closed Beta, simply purchase any of the early access packs. Also, access to the Closed Beta will be randomly obtained by some Recruit pack owners. In addition, it will be possible to gain access by participating in contests and winning special keys, as well as by subscribing to newsletters and following events from 101XP and its partners.


When does Open Beta start? When will the game release?

The Open Beta start and plans for further release will be announced after the end of the Closed Beta. Subscribe to our communities and follow the news to stay up to date!


I have purchased one of the packs, how do I upgrade it?

You can improve the Warrior and the Awakened packs. To do so simply purchase the desired set of a higher category and all the privileges of the corresponding pack will be activated. Keeper's pack cannot be improved.


How many packs can I purchase?

Only one pack can be purchased per account. However, it can be improved by simply paying the cost difference. If you upgrade an Awakened pack to a Keeper's pack you will obtain the items listed in the Keeper's pack on top of the ones from the Awakened pack providing you with all the available early access bonuses.


Can I purchase a pack as a gift?

This option will be available soon.


How do I get the contents of a pack?

Access to the Closed Beta will be allowed as soon as it begins. Early access to the Open Beta will be allowed a few days before it begins. All in-game items will be delivered upon the start of Open Beta.


Which countries will the game be available in?

The game will be available in Russia, Ukraine, and CIS region, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, North and Latin America.


What is the game's business model?

The game is free-to-play. This means you can play it for free, and if you wish, you can purchase various game items in-game.


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