Achievement System

Fire Heroes includes an extensive achievement system. You can receive valuable resources and other rewards for performing certain actions as well as regularly logging in and spending time in-game:

  • Stay logged in for as long as possible and you can get resources, phantom summoning books, in-game currency and other gifts from the Online Rewards event;
  • Check-in in the corresponding event every day. Check-in marks accumulate, increasing your chances of receiving higher quality items. Don’t miss a single day during an entire month to collect the best possible rewards;
  • Complete daily tasks and open activity chests. You can find a variety of items to further enhance your character’s performance in battle;
  • Complete special tasks: increase your level, upgrade equipment, learn new techniques, and clear dungeons for generous rewards such as gold, resources, summoning books and phantoms, as well as other prizes, including exceedingly rare items.
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