The phantom system is one of the core mechanics of Fire Heroes. Phantoms help your character fight in dungeons and complete story quests. There are several methods of obtaining new phantoms:

  • recruiting them during your adventures in the game’s world and various quests;
  • by using phantom summoning books;
  • by purchasing them directly from an in-game store.

All phantoms can be divided into groups by quality tiers (from lowest to highest): C, B, A, and S, as well as by their element: Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Darkness. You can view your collection of phantoms in the Grimoire - all previously collected phantoms, their characteristics and dossiers are available there.


Summoning Phantoms

Invoking phantoms from another dimension requires special summoning books. There are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Epic varieties. You can obtain these arcane tomes during yours adventures, or while performing all sorts of tasks. Alternatively they can be purchased from the in-game shop.

  • using lower tier Bronze books yields phantoms fragments, which can then be assembled into a whole phantom;
  • when used, a Silver book will summon a single C~A quality phantom;
  • using a Gold book will result in a B~S grade phantom;
  • finally, an Epic book may contain enough power to bring several rare phantoms into the game’s world!



Phantoms need to be trained and upgraded, which can be done in the “Phantoms” menu. In order to improve a phantom, tap the "Evolution" tab, and then - the “Evolve" button. However, to upgrade a phantom other, unneeded phantoms have to be absorbed and turned into phantom experience.



Techniques are special phantom skills. They have their own stats and can inflict additional effects (for example, burn or stun an enemy). It is possible to improve techniques in the corresponding tab of the “Phantoms” menu. 6 slots for techniques are available in total.

New techniques and improvements for them can be obtained in Phantasmagoria and by winning fights in the Arena.



In addition, you can make the Phantom Evolution to improve its characteristics. For Evolution, you need special items (substances depending on the elements and stones of evolution), as well as gold.



In the “Formation” menu you can add, swap or remove phantoms from future battles. Every formation variant can include your main character and up to 4 phantoms. You can build two formation variants and freely switch between them at any moment between battles.


Phantom’s Instruction

Every day Phantoms can be sent to perform various tasks on their own. Once their mission is completed, the phantom will bring the rewards - gold and resources - back to you. Check the description of a particular task to learn which type of phantoms will have an easier time performing it. Please note that while on a mission, phantoms can’t be absorbed and used to improve other phantoms. Phantom tasks can be found in the “Adventures” menu.



Your relationships with phantoms affects their performance in the form of stat boosts. To improve relations with a phantom, you’ll need to talk to them or give them presents. Upon reaching a certain level of sympathy, the phantom’s stats will increase. Chat with your favourite phantom in the “Sympathy” tab of the “Phantoms” menu. There you can also rate and write a short review for a phantom, which will be visible to all other players on the server.


Phantom Skins

Just like your main character’s, a phantom’s appearance can be changed by using skins. Available phantom skins and hints as to where they can be obtained from, can be found in the “Appearance” tab of the “Phantoms” menu.



Using the Phantom Altar under the “Sacrifice” tab you can break unused phantoms into component materials. You will also receive the Essence of Life for each character you sacrifice here, which is a material needed for evolving phantoms.

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