Auction House

At the auction, players can sell surplus resources, items and trophies for gold, silver and runes. Different categories of goods can be viewed under the Vendor tab.

For identical products, the total amount of items available for purchase is shown. While shopping you will automatically buy goods at the lowest available price, but keep in mind that when buying multiple items of the same type, the price may increase with each additional purchase as the cheaper products are sold out and you’ll have to switch to more expensive lots. For similar products with the same price tag, the ones that were added earlier are displayed and sold first. Only equipment suitable for your current class is shown and can only be purchased one piece at a time. All other items can be sold and purchased in batches.

Please note that the market is closed from 2:00 to 5:00 am.

At the Guild Auction, rewards for guild sieges and trophies from world bosses can be bought and sold. When a guild receives a trophy, it’s automatically put up for auction.

Guild auction is held from 8:00 to 11:59 pm and the trophies on there can only be bought with runes. Proceeds are divided equally between guild members who participated in the raid, but a commission of 9% is deducted first. If an item has not been sold, its base value is transformed into contribution points and divided equally among the players, while the item itself is sent to the World Auction.

To put the goods up for sale, select the surplus items in the My Vendor tab of the Auction window. The price of an item can be set between 50 and 150% of its base value.

A fee of 1% of the sale price is charged for putting the goods up for auction, and after every successful sale an additional 9% tax is charged.

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