In Era of Legends you can complete various PvE dungeons and defeat powerful bosses. The higher the character’s level, the more dungeons are available to them.

All dungeons are divided into Normal and Elite instances. You can complete any normal dungeon once a day to get rewards, while an elite dungeon can be conquered two times before the attempts counter is reset. To earn rewards for additional dungeon runs, Dungeon Scrolls can be used, which can be purchased from the Store. In normal dungeons, you can obtain blue equipment, while bosses in elite dungeons may drop purple gear.

By checking the detailed information about each dungeon you can read the description and information regarding skills and special abilities of every boss, as well as learn the recommended level and combat power for challenging them. Possible clearance trophies of are also displayed here.

You can enter a dungeon in the squad of 3 to 5 characters by assembling a team manually or using the Quick Join function.

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