How to enable Flash Player in your Web Browser

Installing Flash Player

If you don’t have Flash Player installed on your PC, follow this link and click the “Install now” button.

Download the installation file and follow the instructions:


Enabling Flash Player in Google Chrome and Opera

  1. Go to any page on our website with a Flash-based game, for example:;
  2. Click the lock or info symbol to the left of your browser’s address bar and select “Allow” next to “Flash” in the dropdown menu to launch the game;

3. Restart your browser.



In case the lock icon to the left of the address bar is missing in your version of Google Chrome, or if the option to enable Flash is unavailable, please go to the browser’s settings:

At the bottom of the page click the “Advanced” button and then select “Site Settings”:

Here locate the “Flash” tab:

Click on “Flash” and then set the slider to “Ask first”:

You should now be able to enable Flash content on the currently viewed page by clicking the lock icon to the left of the browser’s address bar!


Enabling Flash Player in Mozilla Firefox

1. After installing Flash Player type about:addons in the browser’s address bar and press Enter;

2. Find “Shockwave Flash” in the list of add-ons and set it to “Always Activate”.


Enabling Flash Player in Microsoft Edge

To enable the use of Flash in Microsoft Edge follow these steps:

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser;
  2. Click the “triple dots” button in the upper right corner of the browser’s window: 
  3. Select Settings in the lower part of the dropdown menu;
  4. Click the Advanced tab;
  5. Switch the Use Adobe Flash Player slider to “On”.


Enabling Flash Player in Internet Explorer

1. Click the «Tools» tab in the upper right corner of the Internet Explorer window (might also look like a cogwheel icon) and select Manage add-ons from the dropdown menu;

2. In the new dialogue box select Toolbars and Extensions. Find Shockwave Flash Object in the add-ons index (might also be listed as Flash Player).

Check the “Status” column and make sure that Shockwave Flash Object / Flash Player is set to “Enabled”. If not, select Shockwave Flash Object / Flash Player by clicking on it and then click “Enable” in the bottom right corner of the menu.



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