The “Adventures” menu contains events in which you can participate alone or with a team. Most of them are PvE instances where you can obtain valuable rewards and useful resources.


Permanent events

Phantom Abode

Make your way through the dungeon, battle after battle, defeating more dangerous opponents with each step. A generous reward awaits any adventurer who makes it to the end! The Phantom Abode is an excellent training ground for neophyte Phantom Masters which allows them to try different formations and tactics. Of course, as is hinted in the name of the event, you can also find and recruit new phantoms here.

Element Lord

The Temporal Rift includes a few instances which will pit you against powerful opponents. Rewards include phantom evolution materials and lots of experience.



An important event where you have to defeat monsters in order to accumulate points which can then be exchanged for techniques for your phantoms.

Dwarf Trove

Battle and defeat greedy dungeon-dwellers to claim their hoards of gold for yourself!

Demon Tower

Terrible forces of evil that once terrorized the lands are sealed away in the Demon Tower. Only the bravest of warriors dare venture up these accursed stairs! However, defeating the tower’s inhabitants will bring you diamonds and powerful phantoms known as the spirits of Initial Fire. To cleanse the Tower you’ll need to ascend to the top, one floor after another, with challenging bosses threatening to halt your progress. Detailed information about these dangerous foes can be found in the event’s window, describing the next level.

King's Warrant

Every day you can serve the crown of Ertos by completing special tasks to earn valuable rewards: resources, gold, phantoms and diamonds. To accept King’s quests, find an NPC named Kato in the city.


Temporary events

Guild Boss

Join forces with your guildmates to defeat a powerful demon and earn lots of contribution points for your guild.


Temporary Boss

Though this event is only available at certain periods of time, fighting these bosses is definitely worth it to get chests that may contain rare and valuable equipment!


Raid Boss

Join forces with other players on the server for a chance to prevail against powerful demonic enemies. Rewards for defeating them include phantoms, gold and diamonds.

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