There are 4 major crafting skills: alchemy, tailoring, leatherworking and blacksmithing. By learning a new craft, you gain the ability to mix potions and elixirs, create equipment, inventory-expanding bags, drums, and keys from the collected materials such as minerals, herbs, fibers, and skins.

Craftsmanship mastery is divided into levels indicated by Roman numerals, from lowest to highest: I, II, III, and IV. Mastery levels are separate for each crafting skill and demonstrate how your character’s skill proficiency grows as they practice their new profession. Mastery grows both during resource gathering and item production.

A character can only learn and practice one crafting skill at a time, which requires visiting the corresponding skill master, who can teach different crafting formulas in exchange for a handful of silver. Learning a formula allows you to create the respective item, provided your character possesses the required ingredients. Each time you make something, there is a chance to craft an even higher quality item.

If you have already mastered a skill and would like to try something new, you can switch to a different craft by visiting the Crafting Skill Manager in the Divine Dragon City.

Craft items and collecting materials consumes Stamina. It can be obtained from events, by opening activity chests, and by requesting it from friends.

Items crafted by players can be sold and bought at the Auction House, under the Vendor tab.



After learning alchemy, you’ll be able to make potions and elixirs from different herbs and plants. Among the potions that can be crafted there are healing balms, attack power and defense-enhancing potions, elixirs of transformation, as well as various fireworks. The higher their mastery of alchemy is, the higher the stats granted by the mixtures your character makes will be.



Having mastered tailoring, one can make gloves, shoes, bracers, leggings and other items for their class, as well as craft bags for expanding inventory space. This skill requires your character to collect fibers and other crafting ingredients.



Collect hides by hunting local monsters and use them to make helmets, breastplates, pauldrons, belts, and drums. This way you can not only obtain equipment of higher quality than that available in stores, but also create items that will boost your character’s stats.



A skillful blacksmith can create outstanding weapons, jewelry, necklaces, and rings from different types of ore. In addition you can craft keys that will fit the locks of chests scattered around the game’s world. These may contain various valuable items.

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