You can join a guild as soon as your character reaches level 10.

There are different ways to find a guild: you can let the game automatically choose the most suitable guild for you by clicking the “Quick Join” button, submit an application to the guild you like by selecting it from the list or create a new guild of your very own. Note that registering a new guild costs 450,000 silver coins.

After joining a guild, you will gain access to a lot of new functionalities, such as a chance to participate in guilds-only events and raids along with your guildmates, crafting equipment in a special Guild Workshop and buying goods from the Guild Store. All the events you can participate in are listed in the guild’s Main Hall.

A guild can simultaneously have up to 3 deputies, 1 mascot, 20 officers and 30 elite members. Participants of higher rank can manage (promote, demote, kick, invite, etc.) lower-ranking members. Max guild members capacity will increase as the guild levels up.

The Guild Dungeon is a challenging instance designed to be tackled by a team of 10 participants. Every week each player has three attempts to finish the raid and can gather trophies from a Team Dungeon boss one time. The total number of attempts to collect trophies dropped by bosses every week is 10 per player. Attempts are reset every Friday at 4:00 am, server time.

Guilds can compete for territory. During the Guild Siege, participants declare war on each other and fight on a special map. Each guild can occupy a single part of available territory. The head of the guild that captures the capital is declared the Lord of Divine Dragon City.

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